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An Education Project

MZF along with State University of Zanzibar and Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE – Zanzibar), have entered into a partnership to implement the STEM for SUCCESS project with the aim of promoting STEM subjects through supporting teachers to improve their teaching methodologies, arousing interest for students especially underprivileged girls in STEM and promotion of STEM career by working with stakeholders in promoting STEM in Zanzibar.

As you witnessed, the STEM for SUCCESS launch brought together participants from various sectors which deal with STEM. At the event, guests were able to learn about the upcoming project, but more importantly, they were able to witness the talents and potentials of students pursuing STEM in schools. The guests were awed by the cleverly constructed poetic debate about girls in STEM, from the students of Mikindani Secondary School. Also, the “Drone Queen”, Ms. Khadija Abdallah inspired many young female students to believe they can do and achieve anything they want if they have the passion and will. Guests also heard inspiring words from important STEM stakeholders such as Mr. Mohammed Mussa from Zantel who spoke about the importance of properly preparing students with the right practical and critical thinking skills to be able to be successful in STEM careers.

Moreover, partners of the STEM for SUCCESS project spoke about the importance of promoting STEM in Zanzibar and especially the importance of helping more girls believe that they can succeed in STEM. Dr. Shumbana Said, a female Math lecturer at SUZA and the first female PhD mathematician in Zanzibar, advised that women have an important role to play in STEM and more women should be highlighted and acknowledged for the great work they do in STEM in the archipelago. Finally, the guest of honor, Dr. Mwatima A. Juma, Chairman of FAWE Zanzibar, summed up the launch with a number of important recommendations for educators and STEM stakeholders, in order to ensure all students, especially girls, succeed in Zanzibar. She condemned seriously the habit among the STEM teachers who mistreat female students wanting to pursue STEM and hence discourage them.

As we move forward with implementation of the STEM for SUCCESS project, we will keep you informed and updated on the development of the project. We will also reach out to you to play a role in helping the project achieve its intended success. As a valuable stakeholder, we will invite you to future stakeholder meetings and events which will serve a spaces for stakeholders to share experiences and advice on how to develop STEM cadre in Zanzibar. While valuing your cooperation in this project is highly encouraged, we look forward to strengthening our relationship.