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School Roofing Initiative

An Education Project

School Roofing Initiative is one among MZF education small project initiated in 2014 which provides new roof form existing schools and other renovation of the wall and flow throughout the island of Unguja and Pemba. The project support “Skuli Yetu Hazina Yetu project” in expanding its reach to the bad condition schools who are not receiving support from “Skuli Yetu Hazina Yetu Project”

The Project is implemented by the Committees, technical committee, which includes School Management Committee (SMCs) and MZF project Committee as well as Steering Committees which includes Representatives from Ministry and MZF Staff, which meets regularly to oversee the selection schools after reviewing and discussing the list of schools from MoEVT and a list of requests from Headmasters. In keeping with MZF’s participatory approach, the committee visits each School request support to review and discuss their needs, sets out the roles and responsibilities of Schools, Sheha and SMCs. This serves as an initial needs assessment for each request, however it also helps to promote MZF’s emphasis on ownership and self-sufficiency in the process of empowering those Schools and SMCs.


The objectives of the project is to reduce absenteeism of the students during rainy season, creating a safety and conducive learning environment.


Since 2014-2017, the committee reviewed a list of requests from schools in Unguja and Pemba. The committee sat in a different meeting to review and select the schools and visit to the site. Twenty one (21) schools in Unguja were selected within three years of the project. In Pemba, thirty two schools were selected in a project years.