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Promoting English Language and Literacy

An Education Project

Promoting English Language and Literacy is one among MZF Education Project focused on Promoting, Supporting and increasing proficiency in English Language, literacy and numeracy of Primary students through publishing English text books “Let’s Learn: English for Zanzibar Primary Schools” and teachers’ guide as well as facilitating training to the teachers on the methodologies used to teach English Language as subject and medium of instruction at STD V and Secondary.

Through the Promoting English Language, Literacy program, the Milele Zanzibar Foundation aims to ensure quality of educational delivery by publishing and providing English language textbooks to all primary students in grades 1 through 4 in all 10 districts of Unguja and Pemba. In addition to providing the textbooks, MZF will ensure proper utilization of the new textbooks by providing all teachers relevant and needed training.

The project designed due to under-performance of students at both the primary and secondary levels. Students in both primary and secondary levels overall perform poorly in both arts and science subjects, with English language among the subjects with poor student outcomes. Poor performance on English exams at STD VII, Poor language foundation which ultimately leads to poor performance of students at the Secondary level, lack of adequately trained teachers as well as proper teaching and learning material.


To improve learning outcomes in the English language of students and teachers by encouraging quality teaching through the use of teaching and learning materials and strengthening teacher capacity. Improvement in English language comprehension and learning outcomes for students in Standards 1 through IV due to access to quality textbooks and learning materials. Improved comprehension of all subjects during the transition to English medium of instruction and therefore improved performance in grade 6 leaving exams in all subjects. Improved teaching capacity of English teachers as a result of increased usage of textbooks and appropriate teaching methodology.


The project was implemented in partnership from Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, expertise from The State University of Zanzibar and Oxford University Press as the publisher. MZF has published 200,000 English Textbooks has published 200,000 for Students in Zanzibar Grades 1-4 The books are the first of their kind and uniquely suited to teaching Zanzibari students, respecting and referencing the local culture, tradition, and geography in design illustration and textbook content. Additionally, teachers will be fully equipped to teach English with the knowledge and all the new teaching methodologies and techniques available that can facilitate the improvement of performance of Students in primary as well as secondary.