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A Livelihood Project

For quite a long time Zanzibar government has put so much effort in rice production. These efforts so far have not resulted in significantly improving production and reduction of rice importation and farmers income. The trend now is to look for serious alternative crops. Horticulture (vegetables) has become an area of great attention. Private sectors such as the Tanzania Horticultural Association with other NGOs are working tirelessly to assist the technological aspect of production and value chain. The outlook is as far as participation of farmers is encouraged. For example, TAHA in a span of about two years, have enlisted some 652 small scale farmers. (345 female and 307 male)

The good agricultural practices taught are now well practiced. However the major setback is that these farmers are poor and cannot invest properly when it comes to the need of inputs. The partnership developed with other private sectors especially between TAHA and Zanzibar Milele Foundation – MZF has looked into this issue, and both have seen the importance of helping these farmers.

Objective of the Project

The main objective of the project is to enhance vegetable growing among the small holder farmers in Unguja and Pemba to improve income, nutrition and food security. The immediate objective is to provide various inputs such as, hybrid seeds, fertilizers, horticultural field tools, insecticides and other pesticides not only that but also to support on water issues.

Progress to date

This project aims to empower and expand livelihood opportunities for horticultural farmers. The project will ensure horticultural farmers within M2020 target shehias will have the skills and capacities necessary to be able to meet the quality and quantity of demanded organic horticultural products in the local market. In partnership with TOAM, the project will ensure participating farmers become certified organic farmers. MZF will facilitate and ensure the linkage with the market