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Fursa Kijani

A Livelihood Project

Fursa Kijani (Green Opportunity) is a youth program that empowers young Zanzibaris with sustainable livelihood skills through the approach of Permaculture (Natural Farming and Regenerative Design). The general objective of the youth empowerment program isto increase formal employment and income generation opportunities of female and male youth in the agriculture sector in general and in green jobs in particular.

The project does this by targeting poor underprivileged youths of Zanzibar and training them in soft skills, life skills and technical skills around the topics of Permaculture. This project has three components; Employability, Multiplier and ecopreneurs.

Employability; We are empowering youth on technical and soft skills that enables youth to be employed in green jobs opportunities.

Multiplier; We do train youth to become good facilitators by training other youth on green related jobs.

Ecopreneure; We are training youth to be self entrepreneurs in green related activities.

In 2016 we conducted a pilot project by training 60 youth whereby after the project about 30 of them got employed and the rest are full entrepreneurs in green related activities.

From the pilot study finding, this year we decided to scale up the project. Up to date 20 trainees are already completed a two weeks course and internship, 5 youth got employment to Fumba Town Service Center and 1 got employment as extension officer to government