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Advocacy For Seaweed

A Livelihood Project

The project aims at bringing innovation into the seaweed industry that started in Zanzibar in 1989 considering that there have been challenges linked to impact of climate change and world market, challenges that directly affect the farmers. Through our partner ZaSCI works in two main areas of innovation: developing innovative farming techniques and adding value to the farmed seaweed

In seaweed we support:-
  • Coordination – Under partnership with ZaSCI we are Putting all stakeholders of seaweed together and discuss the challenges for the sector and find solutions together. Stakeholders
  • includes farmers, processors, exporters, NGO’s and government
  • Capacity building for technical and soft skills of farmers and processors with partnership of ZaSCI
  • Public awareness-Seaweed day
  • Gov’t of Zanzibar recognized Seaweed Day in every year on 23rd July – as national event
  • Government- Has prioritized the seaweed sector and sent people to Indonesia to learn more on how to use seaweed for industrialization and want to establish industry for making semi refined carragianna.
  • Local demand is increasing – People now know that seaweed is food with lots of Iodine, Vitamins and Calcium.
  • Small workshop has been established for value addition e.g. soap industry at Bambi, cookies, jam and juice.