About Milele Zanzibar Foundation

Who We Are

Dear Friend of Milele Zanzibar Foundation,

Translated from Kiswahili to mean, “Forever Zanzibar Foundation”, Milele Zanzibar Foundation began in 2014 as a small initiative by a group of concerned individuals from Zanzibar and around the world to improve the quality of life for the people of Zanzibar. Addressing some of the most persistent development gaps on the archipelago and targeting the most remote and underserved areas of Zanzibar, we have made some foundational strides and are now beginning to see some incremental change.

With a focus on education, health, and livelihoods in line with five of the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Milele Zanzibar Foundation is working closely with a diverse network of partners from the government of Zanzibar, local non-profits, and international NGOs, and has been able to deliver large scale infrastructure, capacity building projects, and developmental programmes to our constituents. Our work over the course of three short years has impacted the lives of over 200,000 Zanzibaris and included construction of clinics, school renovations, water pipeline and irrigation projects, farmer subsidies, publication of school books, women and youth empowerment projects, green jobs training, teacher training and development, and financing for micro businesses as detailed in this website.

Milele Zanzibar Foundation believes in Zanzibar and the capacity of its people to improve the social, economic, and environmental indicators that have prevented progress.

Our beneficiaries are truly our partners in the development process whether it be a community in Bumbwi Sudi Village that has recognized a need and initiated the construction of a medical clinic needing support or a local inventor of a wind machine for clean and inexpensive energy.

The current Milele Zanzibar Foundation theme, “Accelerating Progress: It Begins With You” therefore promotes the infinite capacity and potential we believe the people of Zanzibar have to be resilient change makers. It speaks to our focus on engagement at the grassroots or individual level to produce sustainable solutions initiated by the community complemented and supported by our provision of the infrastructure, training, and resources needed to sustain them. To truly promote this theme, we ensure our projects are undergirded by principles of volunteerism and civic engagement, personal leadership and development and innovation. Whether it is health workers volunteering to work in rural health development or youth entrepreneurs innovating new business solutions, these principles are the fuel that drive growth, progress and change.

Milele Zanzibar Foundation’s commitment to Zanzibar is truly “Forever” and we look forward to continued strategic interventions and collaborations building on the foundation laid over the past three years to promote sustainable and holistic development on the archipelago.

Asante Sana na Karibuni.

Our Vision

The vision is for vibrant, resilient and sustainable rural communities in Unguja and Pemba islands.

Our Mission

The mission is to accelerate progress in the areas of health, education and livelihood opportunities in rural and remote areas through holistic and sustainable development programmes

Our Approach

Milele Zanzibar Foundation’s approach focuses on developing and implementing community-led initiatives through a participatory and transparent process that support individuals and communities to be engaged, motivated, enabled empowered and ultimately resilient.

National and International Alignment

The current Zanzibar Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty ( ZSGRP III) 2016/17-2020/21, outlines a number of key result areas to which MZF’s efforts are closely aligned and supporting, including:
Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in Key Sectors
Human Capital Development

Providing quality services for all

Adhering to Good Governance Principles... and
Environmental Sustainability.



women empowered economically to save and start their own IGAs



students are going to school in safe and conducive learning environments



women of reproductive age closer to pre/post-natal care



people benefit from access to water

Our School is Our Treasure (Skuli yetu ni Hazina yetu)

- Education -