Zanzibar is a predominantly young and dependent population. As in many other developing countries, the government is the number one employer, the private sector is direly under developed and the rural population is primarily engaged in small scale, artisanal farming, fishing and livestock rearing to achieve basic survival. As a result, 30.4% of Zanzibaris, especially youth and women, live below the poverty line.

Milele Zanzibar Foundation’s livelihood interventions seek to empower primarily youth and women in rural areas through income generating activities, building technical skills to encourage a spirit of self-sufficiency, sustainability and resilience. In 2015-2016, the Livelihood Sector implemented several projects that helped to increase income and potentially improve overall livelihood of over 10,000 primary and secondary beneficiaries.

Livelihood program focusing on:

1. Youth empowerment: In this programs we are empowered youth on technical and soft skills to be self employment, Multiplier, ecopreneurship and to be employed in any institutions

2. Women empowerment: MZF empowered women through self financial sustainability (Village Saving Loan), strengthen their competencies income generating activities. These opportunities are enabling women to contribute to the household income and to ensure that their children are eating properly, able to go to school as well as seek medical attention when need arises

3. Organic farming: MZF promote sustainable economic through sustainable agriculture by providing technical and soft skills to farmers to improve their livelihoods.

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