Many children in Zanzibar, both boys and girls are now attending school as evidenced by an 84% primary enrollment rate. Despite an increase in awareness of the importance of going to school, there are still an estimated 69,000 children of school going age who are out of school or have never entered school in Zanzibar. Those in school are struggling to attain foundational literacy and numeracy skills with nearly 20% of standard 7 students failing the Standard 7 examination. This eventually results in a nearly 50% drop off of students due to massive failures at the Form 2 examination. A multitude of factors including insufficient and overcrowded classrooms, undertrained and underpaid teachers, and minimal teaching and learning materials contribute to these poor results. Milele Zanzibar Foundation’s strategic interventions and collaborations with education partners aim to address the many challenges with a focus on the following:
1) Facilitating access to safe, healthy and conducive learning environments
2) Promoting equitable, quality teaching and learning of relevant, critical 21st Century skills Nursery – Tertiary.

In 2015-2016 Milele Zanzibar Foundation education programmes were able to support nearly 60 schools through various interventions including infrastructure, scholarships, training, and capacity building programmes impacting over 200,000 students and teachers.

Education Programme Sub-Sectors

1. Access to Safe and Conducive Learning Environment

Skuli Yetu ni Hazina Yetu: Partner: Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MoEVT) Beneficiaries: 7,338 (3,591M/3,747F) students; 13 schools students Brief: This project seeks to increase enrolment and attendance for students in pre/ primary and secondary schools by creating conducive learning environment through completion of construction of classrooms, toilets and staff houses.

School Roofing Project: Partner: Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MoEVT) Beneficiaries: 25,056 (12,474F/12,582M); 39 schools Brief: This project seeks to increase attendance and safe learning environments for students, especially during the rainy season, by reducing the number of unhealthy, unsafe roofs in classrooms throughout Unguja and Pemba.

2. Promoting Quality of Instruction and Learning Outcomes:

Milele Elimu Zanzibar  (MEZA II): Partner: Forum for African Women Educationalists Zanzibar (FAWE Zanzibar) Beneficiaries: 450 (263F/87M) students; 30 schools Brief: This project seeks to improve interest and performance of students, especially girls, in STEM subjects through the provision of scholarships and life-skills and leadership empowerment through TUSEME and STEM Clubs in secondary schools.

Promoting English Language and Literacy: Partner: Zanzibar Institute of Education (MoEVT) Beneficiaries: 200,000 primary STD 1 to 4 students; 1,600 English teachers. Brief: This project seeks to broad improve performance of students in primary school by increasing teacher competence in teaching English as a Second Language and students’ overall English reading, writing and speaking skills through contextually and grade-level appropriate, fun and user-friendly English textbooks and teachers guides.

Education Programme Spotlights

Our School is Our Treasure - Skuli Yetu ni Hazina Yetu (SYNHY)

Milele Zanzibar Foundation partnered with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MOEVT) to finalize construction and/or renovation of classrooms and improve learning conditions in 21 schools in Unguja and Pemba over the course of three years.  In keeping with its mission of accelerating progress, using a holistic and sustainable approach, Milele Zanzibar Foundation’s Skuli Yetu ni Hazina Yetu (SYNHY) programme not only finalizes classrooms initiated by the community, but also ensures each school has access to clean water, toilets and electricity if needed. This comprehensive set of activities, along with construction of staff houses in some of the more rural schools, is aimed at increasing enrollment, improving attendance of both students and teachers in order to translate to improved performance and ultimately instilling a joy for learning.

Skuli Yetu ni Hazina Yetu (SYNHY) OUTCOMES
  • Increase in enrollment in some of our schools
  • Increase in total attendance rates of schools
  • Increase in teacher attendance in select schools
Skuli Yetu ni Hazina Yetu (SYNHY) OUTPUTS
  • 7,338 (3,591M/3,747F) student beneficiaries
  • 24 Teachers understand good hygiene and sanitation practices
  • Completion/renovation of 49 classrooms/offices- including 2 brand new schools
  • Construction/renovation of 108 toilets
  • Construction of 5 staff houses
  • Construction of 6 offices
  • Construction of 4 wells and 7 water towers
  • 24 teachers trained in SWASH sanitary techniques
  • Installation of 350 desks
  • Community benefit from water facilities available at schools in Mkanyageni, Bandamaji, Mbuyutende.

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