Champions in Heath

The “Champions in Health” is part of the MZF approved Project aims to improve and promote the interest of students, especially those from rural areas of Unguja and Pemba, to work in rural based health care. The Champions in Health project also aims to improve the overall delivery of health care on the island by uplifting the health care profession, highlighting positive health care practices and improving professionalism of students entering into the workforce.

The project targeted to reach 98 students graduated at CHSZ with full skills of leadership, Professional skills and passions of serving in the rural area, the champions will be provided with full coverage of tuition and hostel fees and stipend for short field and six months volunteerism.

The project was designed due to the following health related issues like, ability to deliver quality health care, especially to the most vulnerable populations. Along with a lack of material resources such as the necessary medical equipment and materials, The students currently enrolled at the College of Health Sciences complain of high school fees which hinder their ability to complete their studies which ultimately leads to staff shortages which then contribute to low quality health care delivery. A workforce assessment of the Zanzibar health sector reveals an aging workforce by 20% of the workforce over the age of 55 and only 17% under the age of 34 pointing to the need for more students to graduate and enter into the workforce. Recent statistics show an approximately 30% shortage of staff in clinics resulting in a high workload of existing staff, which in turn undermines the quality of service delivered.

Overall objectives:

The primary objectives of the project are to increase interest and delivery of quality healthcare in rural, marginalized areas in both islands, by providing a full scholarship, professional and leadership development trainings. The project also aims to increase the number of CHSZ graduates who are willing, passionate and committed of working in rural health care units. Also the project intended to promote excellence in the field of health sciences in Zanzibar.


These students will be engaged in different activities that built their capacity in the delivery of health care in the rural areas, among them are, professional and leadership development training, activities and workshops,volunteerism and civic-engagement, mentorship, each student will mentor at least two students in secondary schools to promote interest in science field, include health sciences, engineering etc. especially of girls, at the secondary level aim to increase interest of students specially girls to enter in Health field which can also increase availability of health warker.

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