Afya Ya Mama Ni Maendeleo Kwa Taifa

“Afya ya Mama Ni Maendeleo ya Taifa” Translated Mother’s Health Is Nation’s Progress is one among MZF Approved Project targeted in quality and safety of PHCUs infrastructure and equipment complemented with adequate water, sanitation and hygiene amenities in order to provide community members, specially pregnant women, with adequate facilities and enabling environment in order to encourage pre-natal, delivery and post-natal services to those most marginalized by finishing the constructions of Primary Health Care Units built by community efforts, construction of 2 toilet blocks (outside or inside), construction/connection to water supply, connection to electricity (main or solar), construction of fencing around clinic, Staff house, provision of furniture and medical supplies.

This was a 2 year project initiated 01 August 2014 until 2016, the project focused all districts in Unguja and Pemba, with approximate more than 213,300 community members with access to nearby PHCU including an approximately 48,600 women of childbearing age and 81 medical staff as planned beneficiaries. The project was facilitated in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, as well as community committees, aims to improve the structure and working conditions of primary health care units located in disadvantaged and marginalized areas of Unguja and Pemba. The project was designed due to delays in seeking treatment (partly due to financial barriers as well as long distances to clinics), various issues with blood supplies, poor adherence to treatment protocols at Primary Health Clinic Unit (PHCU) and Primary Health Clinic Center (PHCC) level, and low community awareness of the need for maternity care. Reducing maternal mortality

Overall Objective:

To reduce maternal mortality in rural villages by ensuring that pregnant women have a safe, structured, well equipped and functioning health service centers that are within 10 kilometers from their residences.

Enhance service provision within the catchment area by reducing the travel distance to pregnant women and overall community seeking health services. Enhance service provision by ensuring that proper equipment and initial medical supplies are available, installed and operational. Contribute to increasing confidence and acceptability of community members in utilizing the clinic for prenatal and post-natal services. Reduce waterborne diseases due to the provision of clean water and adequate sanitation facilities. Increase in medical staff’s attendance and performance by providing them with hostel/dormitories within the clinic compound.


Due to high demand of Clinics (PHCU) in all districts, the project implemented in phases, the Phase I of the project built 4Clinics in Unguja with 3 double staff houses (Kinuni PHCU+, Ukongoroni, Bumbwisudi and Bumwini kiongwe PHCU+) and Phase II of this project is also built 4 Clinics in Pemba with Staff houses.

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